“The history of a success”

The RoboKeeper is the world best and most innovative electronic goalkeeper module that takes in to the penalty box the challenge “man vs robot”.  For pure fun or for advanced marketing the “RoboKeeper” is an effective way to do entertainment. What started as a soccer theme technology is now adapted to American football and ice hockey and it became indispensable for almost every top sporting event. From the soccer Champions League finals to the 2020 ice hockey World Championship or the Super Bowl, where there are fans to entertain the “RoboKeeper” is a must. Are you ready to try? Are you good enough?

[Watch beside Lionel Messi vs RoboKeeper]

“How it works”

The “RoboKeeper” eyes are two cameras, which take up to 90 pictures per second. They are positioned above the goal, pinpoint the ball and then follow its trajectory. An image processing software uses these images to calculate the ball’s probable point of impact on the goal. This information is transmitted in real time to the motor control, which is responsible for setting the goalkeeper in motion. All of this happens within fractions of a second; after all a well-kicked ball can attain a speed of well over 100 km/h. The penalty mark is about 9 meters from the goal, leaving only 0.3 seconds to bring the goalie, which is attached to a high performance gear mechanism, into the right position. The “RoboKeeper” hereby accelerates 17 times faster than a Formula 1 racing car. Even professional football players have had to experience, how hard it is to score against him. To ensure a fair challenge for everyone, it can be handset to one of seven different levels of difficulty. In this way it adjusts to the players’ level of proficiency. The “RoboKeeper” will amaze you. No matter how fast you kick the ball or how well you aim, the “RoboKeeper” will save almost every penalty. This isn‘t luck or magic, it’s cutting edge technology that makes this goalkeeper the fastest in the world

“Why RoboKeeper”

With “RoboKeeper” you won’t be unnoticed. And this is the reason why it is used for a wide range of events. Whether it is a great key element for successful marketing strategies at public events, private events, roadshows, commercial promotions, social media content, sponsoring activation or incentive campaigns there are other countless ways to use the “RoboKeeper”, including for pure entertainment during shows or inside theme parks.