Project Description

Dieci presents the “RoboKeeper”, which is the most innovative electronic goalkeeper module in the world. What started 2006 with a prototype became one of the most spectacular and most successful soccer entertainment machines in the world. Today the RoboKeeper is indispensable for almost any big soccer event. The RoboKeeper was a succesfull key of marketing and entertainment to all the major International soccer competitions including the Fifa World Cup, Champions League Finals, European Championships, together with National tournaments including the Italian “Serie A”, the Bundesliga, the Premier League and the Spanish “Liga”. Due to the huge success in soccer the idea of the RoboKeeper was then expanded to other sports. In 2013 the RoboKeeper Handball and Hockey were established and enjoy great popularity right from the beginning and in 2020 the American Football version will make its debut in the United States of America.