The “Warranty Of Dieci”

The “WARRANTY of DIECI” is the world’s leading third-party authentication service for football memorabilia. It is released by “Dieci” in response to widespread counterfeiting, forgery and piracy of football collectibles. Just as PSA grading changed the way cards and other collectibles are valued, bought and sold, “Dieci” four-level authentication process has revolutionized the hobby of football memorabilia collecting – making it safer and more enjoyable for all. “Dieci”. certified and authenticated through its “Warranty of Dieci” thousands of collectibles from the worlds of football, including many of the most valuable of their kind. The “Warranty of Dieci” is the only valid Certificate of Authenticity well recognized all over the world.


Collecting memorabilia can be tricky, and a lot of money often rides on determining the right grade. What if you find out your “match worn” memorabilia is only an official “ replica” product when you go to sell it? Or, that the “player’s issued” shirt you’re thinking about buying is just a counterfeit shirt? You want to be able to buy/sell your memorabilia with the confidence that they are accurately graded, and that’s where we come in. The “Warranty of Dieci” is the world’s largest third-party authentication service. With it behind your collectibles, there is no more guesswork or taking the word of one dealer over another. Now you can have your collectibles certified by an unbiased group of the hobby’s top experts and at the same time be assured that the only interest they have in your collectibles is to make sure they’re authentic and original. So when you see a collectible for sale with the “Warranty of Dieci” provided, you’ll know you can buy with confidence that it has been properly certified. If you want to verify the authenticity of your item before you sell, have it certified with the “Warranty of Dieci” and realize its fully covered by us in order to sell it at the highest amount without leaving any money on the table.  All of the items we sell come with the “Warranty of Dieci”. It means that the purchase is lifetime protect and guaranteed and the item can be lifetime reimbursed by us in case the item is proved not to be original.