Dieci Auctions

Besides being an easy job, selling memorabilia must be profitable.
To make it happen the seller must be recognized as trustworthy and showing all the details that make the collectible authentic, in a professional way.
“Dieci Football Entertainment” is a globally known company that has been operating in the football memorabilia’s industry for 25 years.
We put our reputation and credibility available to the sellers that want to sell authentic collectibles, selling them on their behalf.
Buying an item on “Dieci Auctions” means buying an item directly from “Dieci Football Entertainment”.
We check and authenticate every collectible before we list them for sale.
It means that once an item is listed on our platform, it is 100% authentic and guaranteed by us.
We are guarantors for the buyers, selling authentic collectibles only, and being responsible for the shipping; and we are guarantors for the sellers, collecting payments and paying them off in the way they prefer to be paid.
In order to make the collectibles on auction as much attractive as possible, we make a full professional photoshoot for every item, highlighting the details that make it authentic.